Se full versjon : February 2008 Challenge

19 Jan 2008, 00:05
Over the last 18 years of being a mother I have realised that I am the main influence on the climate in my house.
If I am happy, all is smooth and easy, if I am not happy the storms begin.
So we have every daya weather forecast on the radio or television to tell us what weather conditions to expect and we dress accordingly.

A household weather report can be a great help too.
Firstly it lets us acknowledge how we are feeling.
Second, it lets us communicate to our household how we are feeling.
Thirdly, everyone around then knows what to expect and acts accordingly.

If I am stressed, I tell the children and my husband - guys, I am stressed because ......., so I dont know if I can react quietly or calmly, please dont take it personally.

I am also teaching my sons how to communicate their feelings and giving them the words that they can use to explain themselves to others when they need to.