Se full versjon : April 2008 Challenge

23 Mar 2008, 19:07
Look for an AND rather than an OR.

Many times I find I need to do one thing and my child needs to do another.
This can be a huge challenge as fall into the OR trap and start feeling resentment towards being unable to do something we need or want to do.
For parents, it can make us angry and the same goes for our children.

Using an AND is a creative way of allowing both sets of needs to be met.

SO instead of 'I need to make the dinner but Tadhg wants my attention' so I either make dinner or play with Tadhg.

So that is an example of ANDing! Get creative and find the AND to replace the OR.

With an AND 'i need to make dinner AND Tadhg needs my attention so..

I can put Tadhg in his sling on my back, talk to him and cook or if he was older give him some tasks to do to help me cook whilst we talk.

23 Mar 2008, 19:24
Yes, most of the or-situations can easily be changed to an and-situation.

But how about me wanting to wash my daughters hair and she does not want water in it? And how about when she changes her mind to late to make any and-situations?

23 Mar 2008, 21:01
Those are the most challenging times.
Here, if its too late, its too late. Often I have explained the concept of 'too late' and created the AND for the next day.