Se full versjon : Bok om langtidsamming i arbeid

13 Apr 2007, 21:07

Det er en dame fra England som heter Ann Sinnott som holder på å skrive en bok om langtidsamming. Hvis dere har lyst, så kan dere skrive email til henne og da vil dere få et spørreskjema (på engelsk). Det er mange mange land i hele verden som hun sender ut til skjemaene. Så langt har hun INGEN svar fra Norge!

Med langtidsamming mener hun: noen som hadde ammet barnet sitt i minst 3 år eller noen som har ammet nå i minst 1,5 til 2 år og så langt ikke har tanker på å avvenne ammingen.

Her kommer brevet hennes:

Dear Mothers
I am writing a book, to be published by Free Association Books (www.fabooks.com (http://www.fabooks.com/)), on full / long-term breastfeeding, ie 3 years and older - or from 18mths / 2 years if breastfeeding is open-ended (no decision to wean), or continuation to long-term is being considered or intended.

FA Books is an academic publisher specialising in social science titles that also publishes acclaimed obstetrician Michel Odent (who is very positive about my book).

Although I will draw on scientific research findings, especially in relation to the beneficial health properties of human milk and the process of feeding itself, my background is journalism, not social science. The book will be written to have broad appeal, and be aimed at mothers as well as health professionals.

As a once long-term feeder myself (my 14 yr old daughter self-weaned when she was six and a half), my aim is to challenge the ignorance, prejudice and fear that surrounds this natural and essentially healthy practice.

I’d like as many mothers as possible, including those who breastfed long-term in the past, to join me in this endeavour and share their experiences by completing a questionnaire. So far, questionnaires have been returned from Australia, Canada, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Guatemala, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, South Africa, USA and Wales.

Because I want to present a broad spectrum of experience, not everyone will be interviewed, followed-up or quoted directlyq but each and every completed questionnaire will be vitally important in demonstrating that it's not just a few strange women taking this mothering route. I have a feeling this book could make a difference, could influence opinion and change attitudes, but it will only do so if it represents a large enough number of mothers; and there are a large number. Please stand up and be counted! Please also pass on to any other mothers you may know.

Confidentiality will be maintained and anonymity assured if desired.


Må innrømme var lett sjokkert når jeg leste at hun ammet datteren 6,5år... men uansett, hele prosjektet hennes virker spennende og jeg gleder meg til denne boka med internasjonal bredde!

:raskamming: :raskamming: :raskamming: :raskamming: :raskamming:

Kom og bli med!!

13 Apr 2007, 23:21
Tusen takk for fint innspill. :blåblomst: